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The ultimate freedom machines! VW Westfalia and other special camping vehicles. yourXUV is filling a void in supply for the demand in working on and customizing these unique vehicles. We have researched and accumulated a wealth of knowledge and resources for these types of vehicles and we are happy to be a source for all your 'Westy' and other vehicle camper needs!

Take yourXUV and camping gear to places you never thought possible. Full on custom camping rigs that are designed and built in-house for your specific needs! You tell us what yourNEED's are and we will accommodate! Pull behind, roof-top, in vehicle, you name it we can make it happen!

Tired of waiting in line to get your recreational vehicle customized, rigged out, serviced or repaired?  In most cases we will have you in and working on your vehicle the day it arrives.  We don't need you waiting weeks or more before we can even get you a time frame.  Whether its your boat, RV, trailer or any other recreational need, we can get yourXUV in and make it everything you want it to be!

Bring your RV or Motorhome to us for everything you need.  We can service and repair them and even build you one! Think RV dealer servicing and new pricing are way out in left field?  Us too! Let us know what yourNEED's are for yours!

We don't limit yourXUV to something with wheels! bring us your watercraft or other boating needs as we are full on inboard, outboard, both, gas, diesel, puddle jumper's to yacht servicing!  From fiberglass work, decking, gel coating to interiors and to any other marine needs! 

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