Is yourXUV performing the way you want? Do you wish you had something a bit more?  

Before you go tearing into your motor, transmission or other mechanical component that can reach way down into your pockets and possibly disrupt reliability and/or longevity, let us look at options for you that maintain OEM factory standards and yet provide the performance you need at a fraction of the cost

We like to approach performance upgrades first from a factory standpoint. Lets face it - the vehicle manufacturers today have got the most efficient and most reliable drive trains the industry has  ever had. And the great thing about using factory performance versus aftermarket bolt-on components is that you can have it serviced by most dealers around the country. 

But we certainly don't limit ourselves from using anything you want because after all:

​It's yourXUV so make it as small, big or eXteme and Unique as you want!

​Let us get started on yourXUV today!


​Is yourXUV everything you want it to be?

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Our approach to performance enhancements

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Listen - yourXUV is your passion and in cases your livelihood.


We all love superchargers, turbo's, blowers, tunes - you name it. But sometimes the cost of adding these things either in ones or multiples of several components and the cost can skyrocket out of reach. And while we can certainly do all these things, their are alternative means to getting performance enhancements to yourXUV in a much more affordable way.